Whether you’re starting at ground-zero when it comes to planning an elopement or you’ve spent hundreds of hours crafting the perfect Pinterest board for your micro wedding, enlisting a pro is a good idea! Check out the top five reasons to hire an elopement wedding planner below:

1. Less Stress

It’s no secret that A LOT goes into planning an elopement or micro wedding, but with a pro to guide you through the process, you will save time and your sanity! A planner makes it possible for you to enjoy the process and be in the moment on your special day without worries about the legal paperwork or communication with vendors. 

The wedding can be as leisurely or adventurous as you please, and the planner brings knowledge and expertise for incorporating all the moving parts in a realistic, manageable timeline--like when to start getting ready, when will hair and makeup arrive, and is there a cushion of time for travel? 

A planner will research trusted vendors to assess whether they are a good fit for your style and budget and check on wedding sites’ rules and regulations beforehand so that your wedding day goes as planned. 

2. Bringing Your Creative Vision To Life

Your elopement or micro wedding is so much more than just a ceremony and pictures. An expert planner values the elements that make each couple unique: lifestyle, love story and vision. 

There are no rules! Picture a fun mountain hike followed by a post ceremony canoe ride, charcuterie picnic, cake and champagne...or maybe you’d rather have a multi-day event for a micro wedding with pre-ceremony rehearsal brunch at the Airbnb and a post wedding shuttle around town for photo ops. The possibilities are endless! 

Whether you know exactly what you want or not, a planner offers couples fresh ideas to deliver a memorable experience. 

3. Budget Management

Hiring an expert elopement and micro wedding planner will ensure that you enjoy the moments you’ve been eagerly awaiting while not stressing about going over budget. With their experience and insider knowledge, a pro will crunch numbers and find the very best deals, saving you money in the long run to invest more in the things that matter the most.

4. Intimacy and Intention

Smaller weddings are saying “I don’t “ to the wedding traditions focused on pleasing others. Elopements and micro weddings highlight the true nature, love and authenticity between couples in an especially intimate setting. There’s something oh-so-romantic about a quaint gathering of only your favorite people to witness one of the most magical days of your life, and elopement wedding planners know exactly how to help make it happen. 

5. Trusted Wedding Day Resource

Yes, micro weddings and elopements tend to be simpler and more care-free, but some couples underestimate the value of a professional planner. A pro is there to put out the fires, making sure you don’t have to wing it when last-minute changes are in order. You should be able to show up and be in the moment.

No couple wants to be worrying about whether there will be enough seating for everyone at the post ceremony BBQ while they are in the middle of exchanging vows, or what to do if there’s a wardrobe malfunction, or a rainstorm, or a mob of big horned sheep...you get the idea. 

Photo: Anna Claire Beasley

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