So, you’re getting hitched. Congrats! You’ve decided on an elopement or micro-wedding in the Tetons, but you don’t really know what to expect. Maybe you’re freaking the eff out about—ohhhh, all the things—guest lists, décor, fittings, vendors…the list goes on. The truth is, it’s understandable. There are A LOT of moving parts, and on top of it you have bills, a relationship, maybe a needy know, a life! Don’t let the planxiety get you down. It’s time to call your new best friend—the wedding planner! Elope Jackson’s seasoned pro will help you craft an authentic event, nip issues in the bud along the way, and infuse excitement into the whole process. Sit back, sip something delicious and let the planning begin! 

Here’s the general breakdown…


Whether you want a “just us” experience or something a little bit bigger, the possibilities for Jackson Hole elopements and micro-weddings are endless. Don’t be afraid to let your imagination run wild. Packages are created custom to your heart’s desire and budget. We are passionate about making wedding-day dreams come true! Reach out to set up a free chat and get the ball rollin’ on your Happily Ever After. 

Once you sign your digital contract and process your event deposit, you are officially booked! You will receive five separate emails with all sorts of information including a Welcome Questionnaire, access to your own personal Client Portal, a personal planning timeline for deadlines, access to the Client Insider Guide and directions to set up a virtual call. Take a moment to take it all in, review the information, and start fantasizing about your Big Day. You will receive email confirmation with a virtual chat link once the call is booked.  


Alright lovebirds, this is the part where we brainstorm the personal elements that will make this day a smashing success! During the call we’ll go over your Welcome Questionnaire submission and dive into the larger elements of your event, like travel, lodging, and location. This is a candid and open discussion with honest feedback to discuss what’s realistically possible and how to make it the BEST DAY EVER no matter what. When we’re all through we will go over the next steps. You can expect a follow up email noting all the info we talked about and a Google Doc with on-going planning notes to make sure we’re literally on the same page. Finally, we schedule a Planning Adjustments call. 

The flow and topics we discuss in the adjustment calls depends on how far in advance you book. Over the next couple of months, we will talk about the smaller, more personal elements like vendors and the overall look of your wedding. Once those details are figured out you are one step closer to saying “I Do!”


About six to eight months out from the Big Day, we begin drafting the event timeline & itinerary. This will include the logistical pieces, vendors, and pertinent information to your event. While drafting we will keep in touch à la email or virtual calls. Once it’s ready we turn it over to you to see what your day could look like! Not sure about something in the draft? Give us your sincere feedback and we’ll tweak it to your heart’s content. 

Two to three months prior to your event date we will review your detailed timeline & itinerary with you through a virtual call to make absolutely sure we have the correct information. You will receive a follow-up email with the final timeline & itinerary as well as a condensed timeline for your guests. 

And just know, between now and the main event, we are here for YOU! We’ve got your back and want you to be comfortable and confident on your wedding day! If you have any questions or concerns, do reach out for unlimited communication via email or virtual calls. It’s the final countdown! 

Tie the Knot!

Finally! Relax and enjoy all your hard work with Elope Jackson by your side. If applicable, an event day coordinator (aka gift from the gods) and possibly an additional assistant will ensure the day goes smoothly, even if it doesn’t go exactly as planned. Like seriously, outdoor events require an exceptional level of flexibility—and we’re here for it! Getting married is kind of a big deal, and you don’t want to be worried about communicating with vendors when you could be soaking up every second of bliss. The coordinator will be the one watching the clock and moving things along with respect to chill vibes so you can keep your eyes on that ridiculously adorable human you’ve chosen to spend forever with. 


Photo: Kim Captures Photography

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